Tour Style

Looking for Local

For you, travel is about experiencing another place and immersing yourself in the culture. The differences in everyday life are just as interesting as exploring the well-known tourist highlights. History, architecture, and the local landscape are all important to you but you’re after a more authentic cultural experience. You want to feel like a local, experiencing customs and traditions and finding those hidden places only the residents know.

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Retired Roamer

You may be retired, but you’re certainly not hanging up your coat just yet. Now that you’ve got time to do things you always wanted, you want to take that time to truly appreciate the atmosphere of new places, cultures, and cuisines at your leisure. A relaxed exploration of the highlights of Europe with people of a similar mindset and approach to active tours is what you’re after.

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Delicious, fresh, local cuisine. The heart of your holidays is the pleasure of an excellent meal, and you never really know a place until you’ve tried for their authentic dishes and drinks. You like to take time to appreciate food and to leisurely walk it off on a ride through beautiful scenery or a stroll through charming streets. You’re interested in tours that will really give you a taste of gastronomically-renown Europe – whether it’s world-famous wine, fresh cheese, seasonal fruits, or any number of traditional recipes prepared to perfection.

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A Little of Everything

You love discovering new things – and you like to be active while you do it! You enjoy tours where there’s lots to see and do. It might be cycling up hills for that spectacular view across vineyards and castles, daring to dip in the North Sea, or exploring the cobblestone alleyways of a tiny village off the beaten path. You love natural beauty, having new experiences, and uncovering local secrets.

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