Charter your own Barge

Besides the regular Bike & Barge tours, we can also run a tour on demand. Charter a barge for a Bike & Barge tour in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany & France with your friends, family or cycle club.

The intimate atmosphere, excellent care and beautiful surroundings are of course eminently suitable for a group you choose yourself. Your own sailing hotel is of course well suited for your family parties, company outings, workshops or anything else you can think of. Cycling, walking, sailing, culture trips or mini cruises: you can be inspired by one of our trips, or make one up together with us. The crew can be put to work to lighten your task as host or hostess. The chef can make sure you and your guests want for nothing in the culinary field. 

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Capacity: 20 people

Leafde Fan Fryslân

Capacity: 28 people


Capacity: 14 people

Anna Antal

Capacity: 18 people

Vita Pugna

Capacity: 20 people

Magnifique II

Capacity: 37 people

Magnifique III

Capacity: 40 people


Capacity: 21 people

Magnifique IV

Capacity: 36 people


Capacity: 20 people


Capacity: 22 people

La Mar

Capacity: 24 people