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Anna Antal

  • Salon with bar
  • Cozy salon/lounge
  • Sun deck

The Anna Antal is a former shuttle barge which was converted into a luxury motor passenger ship in the winter of 1994-95. In 2012 the saloon and cabins were renovated. The Anna Antal has a cozy salon/lounge, a sun deck, and a storage deck for the bicycles.

  • 5 Twin cabins (95 square feet)
  • 4 Bunk bed cabins (75 square feet)

All cabins are provided with running water (hot and cold), private shower and toilet, 220 voltage and central heating. There is limited storage space in the cabin, so we recommend one suitcase per person. You can slide the suitcase under the bed. Hairdryers are available on board. 

Tours with this accommodation

Amsterdam to Bruges

Amsterdam to Bruges

  • Cycling flat, winding roads past beautiful woodlands
  • Taking a ferry to see Holland’s largest number of historical windmills
  • Sampling the famous blue mussels of Zierikzee
  • Losing yourself in the medieval streets of Belgium’s Flemish cities
Bruges to Amsterdam

Bruges to Amsterdam

  • Cycling peaceful, Sunday morning streets in Ghent
  • Stepping into the house of the brilliant artist Rubens
  • Washing down a traditional lunch with a Belgian monastery beer
  • Following a sand wall dating to the days of mammoths
  • Meandering along the river Linge towards Leerdam, City of Glass
Rhine and IJssel

Rhine and IJssel

  • Biking along the peaceful Rhine and IJssel rivers
  • Enjoying the magnificent beauty of Veluwe nature reserve
  • Exploring the small and charming Hanseatic towns
  • Visiting beautiful harbor villages and tasting the local fare
Southern Tulip Tour

Southern Tulip Tour

  • Biking through beautiful sand dunes to the university town of Leiden
  • Standing before the organ Mozart played in Haarlem’s St. Bavo church
  • Daydreaming through the fairytale town of Gouda
  • Relaxing at a canal-side cafe in Amsterdam

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