On each tour page, under the accommodations tab, you will find a specific list of either hotels or barges with descriptions and photos.


Over 30 years we’ve built up strong relationships with local hotels, and personally tried them or received recommendations from our clients. We try our best to use small, privately-owned, mainly 3 and 4-star boutique hotels. On Emma-led tours, we usually have a personal relationship with the owners, and this makes for an excellent experience for our guests. We also try our best to stay 2 nights in each hotel so that you don’t have to repack every night. Come on our Country of Tulips tour, and you will enjoy chatting with Jeroen and Dees, the owners of our hotel in Delft, about the best places to eat, and what is “typical Dutch.” When those small and charming hotels (of adequate quality) don’t exist in a particular town, we go for hotels that are clean, well-run, bike-friendly (when applicable), and close to the city center. They might be larger and more “corporate” than we like, but we know that you will awaken refreshed and well rested.


All of the barges used on our bike and barge tours are former shipping vessels that have been converted into passenger accommodations. On all barges you will find a dining room and outdoor deck. All cabins are provided with running water (hot and cold), private shower and toilet, 220 volt outlets, and central heating. On some barges there is air conditioning. There is limited storage space in the cabin so we recommend one suitcase per person. You can slide the suitcase under your bed. The capacity of our barges ranges from 14 to 40 participants. Most barges fit 24 people which means that the group is small enough that everyone can get to meet and know each other a little bit over the course of the week.


WiFi is available in all hotels and on all barges, however don’t expect to have a perfect internet connection for your entire stay. Usually during the busiest hours when many people are online the speed gets slower, and some people will have trouble connecting.