On all of our bike tours, high-quality hybrid bicycles with upright handlebars appropriate for the terrain are included in the price of the tour. A lock and bike bag are provided on all tours, and on most tours, a helmet is provided for free or available for rent. On all self-guided bike tours a repair kit is included. On most tours it is possible to bring your own seat or pedals, but please let us know this ahead of time.

On each tour page under “What’s Included,” we show you the make, model, and number of gears of the bike that we use on the tour. We also will mention exactly what is included with each bike.


On most tours, e-bikes, also called “electric bikes” are available to rent for an additional charge. The price of the e-bike varies greatly tour to tour based on availability and if the bike is owned or needs to be rented. We advise you only to rent an electric bike if you have first tried one at home. They’re heavier than regular bikes with a motor that starts automatically and therefore can be difficult to maneuver.


On most tours, bike upgrades are not possible, however if you would really like an upgrade speak to us and we will see what we can do. On all Italian tours a bike upgrade is possible.

Bringing Your Own Bike

Unless you are very experienced traveling with your bike, we don’t recommend that you bring it with you. You will have to pay extra to take it on your flight, and it is a hassle to take apart and put back together. On some trains in Europe, bikes are allowed, but not all. On the high-speed TGV train in France, only foldable bikes are allowed.