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Hotel Hochkönig

  • Dienten
  • Austrian gourmet restaurant
  • Rooms with balcony

The Scherbinek family welcomes you to Hotel Hochkönig. Experience a traditional stay at the lodge, with modern amenities available, including an on-site spa. All rooms are equipped with a balcony, offering you unique, spectacular views. From here, you can enjoy the fresh mountain air on the trails, relax amidst the fragrant flower meadows, or enjoy a fresh glass of milk while watching farmers at work.

Tours with this accommodation

Bavarian Alpine Walk

Bavarian Alpine Walk

  • Watching the sun rising over the steep rocks of the Stony Sea
  • Trekking through alpine pastures straight from a picture book
  • Taking an old miner’s path to the Salzach valley and its impressive fortress
  • Enjoying hearty Bavarian fare after a long day’s walking

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