Zwaan - Van Gogh Tours - Hoorn - Bike and Barge


  • Boutique barge
  • Cabins with Airco
  • sun deck
  • Smaller group

The Zwaan specializes in bike and barge tours in the Netherlands and Belgium. On board of the Zwaan you find a cosy dining room, a sun deck/a deck for the bicycles. All 7 cabins are provided with running water (hot and cold), private shower and toilet, 220 voltage and central heating. Cabin layout:

  • 2 Family-style room, 2/3 p with double bed + single bed
  • 2 Friend’s-style room, 2/3 p with 3 single beds (one bunk)
  • 2 Twin-style room, 2 p with two separate beds
  • 1 Smaller cabin in front of the barge, 2 p with double bed

There is limited storage space in the cabin. We recommend 1 suitcase per person. You can slide the suitcase under the bed. The Zwaan is known for the high quality of the meals and the friendly atmosphere on board. The crew consists of the captain, chef and hostess for 14/15 guests.
This barge is very special because of the smaller number of cabins. It makes for a cozy and intimate experience as you can get to know your guide and tour-mates better in the small group.

Tours with this accommodation

Rhine and IJssel

Rhine and IJssel

  • Biking along the peaceful Rhine and IJssel rivers
  • Enjoying the magnificent beauty of Veluwe nature reserve
  • Exploring the small and charming Hanseatic towns
  • Visiting beautiful harbor villages and tasting the local fare
Saar and Mosel River Route

Saar and Mosel River Route

  • Cycling through the heart of German wine country
  • Discovering the relics of Roman and Celtic civilizations
  • Relaxing on board as the winding Mosel reveals views of forests and vineyards
  • Surveying the landscape from Germany’s most beautiful castle
Mosel and Saar River Route

Mosel and Saar River Route

  • Soaking in the ambience of the meandering Mosel river
  • Admiring the vineyards of Calmont that line steep, picturesque hills
  • Cycling an old railway path through sleepy volcanoes and crater lakes
  • Taking an evening stroll through a town center with waterfalls and a castle
  • Relaxing with a local Riesling wine after a day’s cycling
Southern Route

Southern Route

  • Biking through beautiful sand dunes to the university town of Leiden
  • Standing before the organ Mozart played in Haarlem’s St. Bavo church
  • Daydreaming through the fairytale town of Gouda
  • Relaxing at a canal-side cafe in Amsterdam
Super Tulip Tour

Super Tulip Tour

  • Seeing the fast-paced sale of tulips and other flowers at the massive Aalsmeer flower market
  • Wandering through bright gardens of different tradition and style at the Keukenhoff
  • Learning how icons of Holland are made – including cheese, chocolate, and clogs
  • Cycling through flat, impressive polder landscapes
Northern Route

Northern Route

  • Cycling to the former island of Marken over a dike
  • Wandering the harbors where the Dutch East India company once traded exotic goods
  • Trying the unique cheese of the island Texel
  • Feeling inspired in the artist’s village of Bergen
  • Enjoying spectacular views from the country’s highest dunes

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