Van Gogh Tours - Stadthotel Schärding - Cycling Salzburg to Vienna

Stadthotel Schärding

  • Located in Picturesque Old town
  • Modern comfort in historic building
  • Next to Inn river

The Stadthotel Schärding has a rich history dating back to the 15th century. Originally constructed as a hospital and church, the building was nearly destroyed by a fire in the early 1800’s. Luckily, the structure was fully renovated in 2005, restoring many architectural features and preserving the original appearance. Guests will enjoy the unique Baroque setting of Schärding, with access to modern amenities.

Tours with this accommodation

Salzburg to Vienna

Salzburg to Vienna

  • Cycling scenic stretches of winding river and hillsides covered in vines
  • Spending the night in the beautiful Baroque town of Schärding
  • Wandering through the markets of the “Three River Town”
  • Sampling the delicious Linzer Torte pastry in a city that inspired Mozart
  • Relaxing in a cafe down a winding village street with a delicious glass of Austrian wine

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