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Hotel Stefanie – Vienna

The Hotel Stefanie is known to be the oldest hotel in Vienna, dating back to 1600. Here you will enjoy a newly renovated space, filled with the Schick family’s collection of antique furniture and paintings. There are treasures around every corner of this well-maintained space. After exploring the wonders of Vienna, you can return to this beautiful hotel, housing 400 years of tradition.

Tours with this accommodation

Danube Cycle Path

Danube Cycle Path

  • Cycling alongside the famous curves and bends of the Danube river
  • Popping over to Germany for a cup of coffee in a town where three rivers converge
  • Tracing the musical history of master composers Mozart and Bruckner
  • Trying a glass of famous Danube white wine in an old market square
  • Immersing yourself in the artistic history of gorgeous Vienna

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