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Hotel Bichlerhof

  • Mittenwald
  • Restaurant with Bavarian cuisine
  • walking distance to center of village

The Hotel Bichlerhof is a guesthouse in the heart of Mittenwald. The historic center of Mittenwald offers guests an excellent impression of life in the Alpine region. The rooms at this hotel welcome you with a rustic charm and views of the surrounding mountain peaks. Enjoy the fresh air and crystal clear lake water while walking on numerous hiking paths in the area. There are many interesting things to see in town, as well. The village has a lively past as a hub for violin and instrument making.

Tours with this accommodation

Zugspitze Walking Tour

Zugspitze Walking Tour

  • Exploring tiny hamlets and villages before a backdrop of the dramatic Zugspitze peak
  • Crisscrossing an ancient path hewn into the rockface
  • Walking through pristine pastures to a beautiful, green-blue mountain lake
  • Wandering through the contrasting architecture of the united towns of Garmisch and and historical Partenkirchen

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