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Borgo Valle Rita Resort

  • Ginosa
  • Biological farm
  • Panoramic swimming pool

The Borgo Valle Rita is a country resort surrounded by a farm that stretches over 100 hectares of land. Inside the ancient Farmhouse Girifalco, you can experience the past of the ancient fiefs of XIV century, while enjoying authentic rural buildings renovated with historic accuracy. The hotel is named for the Rita Valley, known for architectural beauty, Apulian culinary culture, and its olive trees and vineyards. With the beach only 10 minutes away, you will also get to experience the calm of the sea.

Tours with this accommodation

Puglia and Basilicata Biking

Puglia and Basilicata Biking

  • Cycling through the ancient district of Matera to the impressive sassi carved into the rock walls of a ravine
  • Exploring the fairytale streets of Alberobello with its many trulli, characteristic of the region
  • Enjoying the delicious vegetables, olive oil, and wine of Italy’s most productive region
  • Overnighting on cozy, charming agriturismo family farms

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